The Zurich Jazz Orchestra’s concerts and events will be cancelled until the end of April 2020 and a replacement date will be sought whenever possible.

Theater Rigiblick
The performances at the Theater Rigiblick are unfortunately no longer allowed to take place with immediate effect (13.03.20).
If you have already purchased tickets for a performance between 13 March and 30 April, please contact the theatre. The tickets remain valid for the same performance on the next performance date.
If you have reserved tickets, please let the theatre know if you would like to reserve them for a performance from May 2020. The Rigiblick will contact you (if we have your contact details) in any case.

Jazzclub Moods
The Zurich Jazz Orchestra concerts at Jazzclub Moods will be cancelled until April 30, 2020.

Musikklub Mehrspur
Due to official regulations, there will be no more concerts and parties at Mehrspur until at least 30 April. The concerts will be postponed to a later date if possible.