The Zurich Jazz Orchestra’s concerts and events are cancelled until the end of the season and a replacement date is sought whenever possible.

Theatre Rigiblick
For the Zurich Jazz Orchestra, it will continue at the Theater Rigiblick on September 23, 2020.
In the meantime:
Open Air Festival
From 17 June to 11 July, the Rigiblick Theatre will play open air. You can find the programme from 5 June onwards under

Jazzclub Moods
The concerts of the Zurich Jazz Orchestra are cancelled at the Jazzclub Moods. The next season will continue from 22 October 2020.

Musikklub Mehrspur
Due to official regulations, no more concerts and parties will take place in the multi-track in September 2020. The concerts will be postponed to a later date if possible. The next season will continue from 9 October 2020.