On a regular basis, we invite Thomas Gansch, trumpet player from Vienna, to join us. He’s our choice soloist for Don Ellis’ challenging mix of jazz, 70ties fusion an odd meters. It’s always a pleasure for the audience, and for the band as well, although rumour has it that these concerts are called “further musical education” due to their challenging arrangements. During this evening, we will revisit old highlights and also feature new material.

Thanks to the network of our guitar player Theo Kapilidis, we have been able to invite Milcho Leviev and to talk him into working with us. Milcho Leviev brought the tune «Bulgarian Bulge» into Don Ellis’ band. This means he was directly responsible for the Eastern European influences in Ellis’ music. Bulgarian-born Leviev worked as a pianist and composer, directed the Bulgarian radio big band and moved to Los Angeles in the 70ties where he worked with Don Ellis, Billy Cobham and many more. At Moods, Leviev will direct his own compositions such as «Bulgarian Bulge» or the Swiss premiere «Tribute Piece» which he wrote in memory of Don Ellis.

Open Wide

Bulgarian Bulge
27. March
27. Mar
Spielboden Dornbirn
Färbergasse 15
6850 Dornbirn