We take a time journey back to the era of swing, back to the times of Harry James and Tommy Dorsey. Sinatra embodies the «American Dream» like no other performer: He didn’t exactly start out as a dishwasher, but with an audition in New York. Since he had no Penny, he had to borrow the money for the ferry from New Jersey. The rest is history.

We tell his story through the eyes of his chauffeur and butler George. This provides very interesting insights into the life of this great singer and entertainer. On the microphone, Sandra Studer, Raphael Jost, Pino Gasparini and Levin Deger lend «Old Blue Eyes» their voices. This is a real challenge, because legend has it that Dionne Warwick one claimed that the audience would love Frankie Boy even if he were reciting the phone book.

Clips from the opening night on December 12th 2015

16. January
16. Jan
Theater Rigiblick
Germaniastrasse 99
8044 Zürich