Dear audience

As president of the Zurich Jazz Orchestra, I am first and foremost a fan. At every single concert there is this moment when I look at the stage in amazement and realize: The ZJO, its musicians can simply do everything. And then I sit in the audience and wish I were as good at my job. These musicians are among the very best in their field – in Switzerland, throughout Europe, and sometimes even worldwide. Nevertheless, they don’t get rich. Just as little as the administrative and musical management. It takes a lot of enthusiasm and passion to give everything under these conditions. The joy of playing and the stupendous ability of the musicians of the ZJO are fascinating. When the spark jumps over to the swinging and grooving audience, it is simply great every time. We are correspondingly grateful for our loyal fan base, which, along with the public sector and our sponsoring association, helps to ensure that the ZJO can continue to develop. This big band contributes to Zurich and far beyond, so that what I consider to be the most important musical cultural form of the 20th century remains alive.

With warmest regards
Thomas Vogel, President ZJO
Dear audience

For everyone in the band it was a great pleasure to be able to perform in front of an audience again after Corona. The collaboration with Ed Partyka began over a year ago with a phase of getting to know each other and getting closer. In the meantime, the collaboration has become well established and works wonderfully. Partyka’s musical focus is evident in a slight enlargement of the orchestra through frequent inclusion of tuba and French horn. The first part of the season is already behind us. Now we look forward to the program focus of the second part, the expansion of the format “Brilliant Voices: Vocal Artistry Series.” In March 2021, Thomas Lüthi, longtime tenor saxophonist with the ZJO, has announced his retirement. He would like to focus on smaller formations. We thank Thomas for his commitment to the ZJO and wish him all the best! After the summer break the position was advertised and Toni Bechtold was chosen as his successor from 17 applications at the end of November. Toni was already a guest at the ZJO. A newly created french horn position was also advertised; Anja Huber was elected: Welcome to the ZJO, Anja and Toni! Now it remains for me to wish you much joy at our concerts. See you around.

With warm regards
Daniel Schenker, Musical Co-Director