Dear jazz friends and lovers of big band music

Jazz is a music that must not only be heard, but – much more than classical music – must also be seen, according to great jazz journalist Joachim-Ernst Behrendt. The sound produced live, the interplay of the instruments, the relationship between musicians and leader, concentration and joy of playing are also expressed in the performance and always inspire us anew in concerts.

Besides talent, there is a lot of work behind it: rehearsing arrangements, practicing, rehearsing, organizing rehearsal locations, venues, dates… All this costs more than the entrance fees bring in.
If you want to continue enjoying big band concerts and express your joy with a gift, you can do so as a member of the ZJO’s friends association club.

About 100 people support the Zurich Jazz Orchestra regularly with contributions between 100 and 1000 Swiss francs per year. If we had a few more companies or institutions with contributions of 1000 to 5000 francs, we would be much closer to our dreams and goals, with the advantage that they would directly benefit the audience – you.

The band and management are looking forward to each new member and thank the long-time members for their contributions. As the new president of the association, I would also like to thank my predecessor Richard Vogel for his commitment to a strong friends association.

Dora Frey
President of the ZJO Friends association