Dear jazz friends and lovers of big band music

We could take this opportunity and complain about the fact that we’re facing the exact same problems as everybody else: cultural budgets are being cut down, the administrative effort is growing, and we depend on your help more than ever. Exactly: Just like everybody else.

Well, mainly because it is true. For year, the Zurich Jazz Orchestra has been walking the extra mile so that Zurich can have its own professional big band. The term «professional» does not refer to musical quality alone; it stands for everything else that’s required. Musicians strive to become even better musicians, to play together even more tightly. The band leader wants to become even more innovative, more independent, and the management works on doing its job even more accurately.

You’ve seen it coming: In order to be able to achieve all of this, we need your support. Almost 100 people in Switzerland support the ZJO on a regular basis by donating sums of 100.- to 1000.- Swiss Francs per year. If we were able to attract just a few more companies or institutions that could fund us with 1000.- to 5000.- per year, we’d be a lot closer to our goals and dreams. Our goals and dreams being of the kind that our audience benefits from immediately.

We would be delighted to welcome you as a member of the ZJO Friends association at one of our next concerts and to drink a toast with you. to the ZJO and the people contributing to its success. None of us wants cultural events – and jazz music, for that matter – to back down, just because everybody is cutting down budgets and complaining.

Many, many thanks for your support. We are positive that you won’t regret it.

Richard Vogel
President of the ZJO Friends association