Born in Zug in 1966. Education at music school Zug from Hugo Helfenstein and Alfred Kosak. 1983 second prize at Swiss Youth Music Prize. Studies at Conservatory Bern with Prof. Branimir Slokar. Performance diploma at music school Trossingen (Germany) with Prof. Abbie Conant.

Further studies at the Swiss Jazz School in Berne and at the New School in New York with Ed Neumeister and Conrad Herwig. Master classes and workshops with Joe Alessi, Charlie Vernon, Dave Tayler, Ray Anderson, Hal Crook, and Rex Martin.

Adjunct musician in various symphony orchestras und chamber formations (Berner Sinfonieorchester, Stadttheater Bern, Zürcher Kammerorchester, Schauspielhaus Zürich, among others). Member of the trombone quartet Quattromboni and of the brass ensemble Swiss Brass Consort.

In the field of jazz member of the jazz combo The Steamboat Rats, the Martin Streule Jazz Orchestra and since autumn of1999 of the Joe Haider Jazz Orchestra.

Teacher at music schools Worb, Köniz, and Muri. Studies at the Schaffhausen conservatory in the field of composition and arrangement.

Promotion award of the canton of Zug in 1993 and 1996.