For the past ten years, Ed Partyka has been collaborating with and arranging music for outstanding Brazilian female vocalists. We are very pleased to invite the extraordinary Brazilian singer Viviane de Farias to Jazzclub Moods for this evening. She is from Ipanema and grew up in Brazil and Los Angeles. As a teenager, she received classical piano lessons, but also sang bossa nova standards early on, accompanying herself on guitar. Later she completed a versatile education that included classical singing. After Viviane de Farias found a new home in Germany, she quickly made a name for herself as an accomplished interpreter and mediator of the Brazilian sound cosmos. Her vocals are rhythmically strong and her voice very versatile, soft and bright at the same time and containing just the right amount of lyrical emotionality – everything we love about Música Popular Brasileira. Naturally, therefore, the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim and much Bossa Nova will be on the program, but we hope to introduce you to some of the lesser-known Brazilian composers and styles that make up the rich tradition of Brazilian music. The ZJO is also fortunate to have several specialists in Brazilian music in its ranks who will help make this April evening a very special musical journey.

7. April
7. Apr
Jazzclub Moods
Schiffbaustrasse 6
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