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The Europeans can confidently claim to be able to hold something against America, the country of origin, when it comes to jazz. A real heavy weight in this matter is the Sardinian Paolo Fresu. Shortly after his 60th birthday the lyrical trumpeter with the big tone and the fine ear will be our guest for the first time. But even if the concert date had fallen on his birthday, it would have been quite possible to meet him on stage: Like few other musicians, Fresu lives literally on and off the stage. The student of trumpeter Enriko Rava, for example, played fifty concerts in a row on his home island of Sardinia on the occasion of his 50th birthday.
Like many other trumpeters, Fresu’s first musical spark was Miles Davis. The youngster played the version of the standard «Autumn Leaves» (from the album «Miles in Europe», 1963) until his mother had to stop him.
A Miles repertoire in the adaptation of Gil Evans will also be the focus of the evening’s programme: Among others, Fresu and the ZJO will perform highlights from programmes such as «Porgy & Bess» and «Miles Ahead».

4. March
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