We are really pleased to be able to continue our collaboration with Steffen Schorn, now as our composer in residence. He has always been able to write music that shows the Zurich Jazz Orchestra in all its facets, to focus on the versatility of this sound body, but at the same time to write tailor-made passages for the soloists. He skillfully mixes a new color palette from well-established musical patterns and shades. The music spins, twirls, flows, and shines. At the same time, Schorn is a groove magician and loves the low notes. In order to do justice to this spread between easiness and irresistible rhythms, he combines sound mixes and enthralling beats, rigorously transcribed passages, free improvisation and large-sized tutti. We are looking forward to a new suites adventure – and to a harbinger of another CD production with Steffen Schorn.

3. April
3. Apr
Musikklub Mehrspur
Förrlibuckstrasse 109
8005 Zürich