With «Three Pictures», Steffen Schorn has generated a repertoire that presents the Zurich Jazz Orchestra in all its facets, providing ample space for all its timbres and a stage for every rhythm. The stylistic spectrum ranges from the very short «Wildbotz», a frenetically rhythmical piece of not even one minute in length, to its counterpart, the suite that provides the program's title. «Three Pictures», almost half an hour long, oscillates between musical easiness and forceful beat, beguiling in one instant and forcefully awakening the next. It's a three-piece composition full of power, complexity, and colorful brilliance. «Imagination, the willingness to take risks, plus incredible energy», Steffen Schorn states, are the components that make the ZJO one of a kind. Plus one and a half dozen really amazing musicians - 18 individuals that once they are on a stage become one.

«Founded in 1995, the Zurich Jazz Orchestra is one of the most innovative and relevant line-ups in the European big band scene» Manfred Papst (Neue Züricher Zeitung)

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25. November
25. Nov
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