Episode #30

Zurich Jazz Talks is 30 months old today. We’re celebrating the 30th episode with exciting conversations and a good dose of nostalgia. We talk to Joe and Ed about trombones, about their coolness factor, about show business, about the music scene in the past and about young musicians today compared to back then. Ed also tells us about his history with Joe, which goes back to the 80s, even before Joe knew anything about Ed, and what impact Joe had on Ed’s life as a young trombonist.

We asked Joseph Bowie what advice he would like to give young musicians: “Well, be true to yourself, you see, I mean, it’s one thing to learn how to play notes. But find out who YOU are because expressing your personality is really what a musician is all about. Being able to convey your personality to the audience and convincing them. But in order to do that, you have to be confident and secure with yourself. Be true, be true, be true, be you.”