The Jazz Podcast with the Zurich Jazz Orchestra: guests, music, stories, relevance and also a bit of palaver.

In addition to the various concert series at the Moods jazz club, the Mehrspur music club and its own music theater series at the Rigiblick Theater, the Zurich Jazz Orchestra maintains its own podcast series. Because where there is jazz, there are questions: How does it actually work, composing a piece like this for so many people? Can you even play live what you record in the studio? And do you have to know how to play an instrument yourself in order to conduct a jazz orchestra?

All episodes of Zurich Jazz Talks can be found in audio and video format on our podcast page. Of course, the series is also available as a podcast-only (audio only) on all known platforms.

Current episode:

Episode #29 – Jonas Inglin about Trombones