This CD of the Zurich Jazz Orchestra dwells on the issues of tradition, heritage, and handing down, and on the manifold Swiss song material that has been rearranged by composers of the national Swiss jazz scene. The CD continues the tradition in the spirit of Teddy Staufer, George Gruntz, Mani Planzer and Matthias Rüegg. The outcome is a stroll through the various musical regions of Switzerland and will be a representative cross section of the Swiss jazz and folklore music. The ZJO acts as a musical power that administers to its home culture and offers evidence of the fact that ethnical music and big band jazz do relate after all – not besides or even against one another, but as an intriguing symbiosis of two spheres of sound.

1 frEude herrCHt
Frank Sikora

2 Glaris
Trudi Strebi

3 Drum wänns eine git mys Chind
Paul Burkhard / arr. Marcel Saurer

4 Le Vieux Chalte
Josef Bovet / arr. Jürg Morgenthaler

5 Le Chalte Moderne
Josef Bovet / arr. Pius Baschnagel

6 In the Tradition
George Gruntz

7 Chlapf am Napf
Lisette Wyss

8 Die Entzündung
Mani Matter / arr. Matthias Spillmann

9 Giodim in quella val
Curdin Janett

10 Äs Buuräbüäbli mag i nööd
Martin Streule

11 Métamporphosees
Yves Massy

12 Tücc i disan che l’è bela
Pietro Viviani

13 Ruggüserli
Geri Zummbrunn

14 Chlausenn’s Ende oder Zwischenstation Schattdorf
Christoph Baumann

15 Dorma Bain
Nuol Vonmoos / arr. Peter Sigrist